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Important Back Pain Facts You Should Know

7 Back Pain Facts You Should Know

  • Fact: Back pain will affect 80% of people at some point in their life
  • Fact: Most back pain episodes resolve quickly
  • Fact: Physically fit people have less back pain
  • Fact: Back pain is usually NOT the result of a serious condition
  • Fact: Back pain is usually NOT caused by slipped discs or pinched nerves
  • Fact: An MRI CANNOT tell exactly where the pain is coming from
  • Fact: Surgery is NOT the only answer for back pain or sciatica

Follow These 5 Steps For Fast Back Pain Relief

No Drugs… No Painful Injections… No Surgery

1. Get Clear

Understand the toll back pain
has had on your life.

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2. Listen To Your Body

Your body is leaving clues.
Follow them.

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3. Identify the Source

Steps to identify the underlying
cause of the problem.

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4. Treat the Problem

Don’t waste time
chasing your pain.

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5. Prevention Measures

Strategies to keep the pain
from returning.

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