Here’s what you get with the program…

bprs-small A copy of the Back Pain Relief Center’s Healthy Spine Essentials. This is the “meat and potatoes” of the Back Pain relief Center system where you get us coaching you through our 4-Step back pain relief process. You get all of our professional “secrets” that teaches you everything you need to know about your back and how to start feeling fantastic again no matter how long you’ve been hurting.
bprs-small A copy of the Spinal Therapeutic Exercise Manual featuring some 65 back and neck exercises to help you put an end to your back or neck pain.
bprs-small Unlimited access to tutorials on back pain, neck pain and sciatica, self assessment videos, specific exercise instruction, plus more educational materials and expert interviews to help you become more knowledgeable about your back than your doctor.
bprs-small A copy of the your specific Spinal Therapeutic Exercise Prescription. This guide will give you the tools you need for your self-assessment and assist us in making your particular diagnosis and developing your particular plan.
bprs-small 2 telephone consultations to discuss your case and make sure you stay on the right track with your treatment.
bprs-small Unlimited access to your spine care specialist where they will answer any questions you have about your condition, help you uncover the underlying cause of your back pain, and place in your hands your customized system for ending your back pain today! Imagine, getting the best advice about your back pain without ever having to leave your house or work. It’s the closest thing to having your own spine care specialist working with you one on one and it’s yours FREE for life!
bprs-small 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – If the program doesn’t work, we’ll give you a full, no questions asked refund.