Back and neck pain relief that really works

WELCOME TO THE BACK PAIN RELIEF CENTER – The New Approach to Back and Neck Pain Relief

We provide specialized rehabilitation and educational services exclusively for people looking for ways to quickly and easily end their back or neck pain and keep the pain from returning.

Most people in need of back or neck pain relief aren’t aware of the differences in the skill levels among rehabilitation professionals and that the lack of expertise and advanced training of most clinicians can have a significant impact on the speed of their recovery and drastically increase the chances of their condition returning.

Our healthcare professionals are experienced clinicians with advanced clinical competencies and expertise to solve even the most complex back or neck condition. We utilize the most advanced, scientifically validated treatment options available in our problem-oriented approach, resulting in our patients enjoying a 91% success rate.

To help potential patients make the best choice for their particular condition, we offer a free initial consultation where you’ll be fully evaluated by our spine care specialist, provided with the specific findings from the assessment, and then given as much time as it takes to get answers to any and all questions you may have.

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