Yoga therapy is an excellent alternative medicine approach to back pain relief

Chronic pain can affect more than just your physical state, it can wreak havoc on your mental health, resulting in frequent episodes of depression and low self-esteem.

Yoga therapy is an excellent alternative medicine approach for back pain relief and depression. In fact, the Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine rated deep breathing, meditation, and yoga as the 3 most likely choices for people seeking alternative medicine approaches for back pain relief.

Here is some information on how yoga therapy is used for back pain relief and depression. had this nice article on yoga for back pain relief and depression.

Depression is often associated with chronic low back pain as conventional treatment of the pain is modestly successful, at best.

A new study suggests the practice of yoga provides a better alternative for overcoming chronic pain and depression.

The three-year, $400,000 study by West Virginia University researchers is published in the September issue of the journal Spine.

The National Institutes of Health sponsored study showed yoga participants displayed lifted mood, less pain and improved function in the group that compared with a control group who received standard medical therapy.

“The yoga group had less pain, less functional disability and less depression compared with the control group,” said Kimberly Williams, Ph.D., research assistant professor in the Department of Community Medicine.

“These were statistically significant and clinically important changes that were maintained six months after the intervention.”

The 90 study subjects, who experienced mild to moderate functional disability, were randomly assigned to the yoga group or the group that received conventional medical therapy.

Yoga participants took 90-minute classes twice a week for 24 weeks, doing postures targeted to relieve chronic low-back pain. Follow up continued for six months after the end of classes or therapy.

“Proponents of yoga have long described its benefits in reducing back pain,” Williams said. “But not everybody was convinced. This is a much bigger, much more rigorous evaluation than had been done before.”

The classes were taught by certified Iyengar yoga instructors. A popular form of yoga in the United States, Iyengar yoga emphasizes postures that encourage strength, flexibility and balance.

In the United States, low-back pain represents the largest category of medical reimbursements, with $34 billion in direct medical costs reported annually, Williams said.

Yoga Therapy for Back Pain Video

We found this video on youtube and thought it may be helpful to you.

YOGA Routine For Lower Back Pain. With Esther Ekhart

In this video “Yoga routine for lower back pain. With Esther Ekhart” Esther shows you a routine using a towel-roll to help you kick the pain in your lower back.Try it, it really works!

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