best back stretchesBack pain exercises are prescribed to strengthen the lower back muscles, improve flexibility, and improve your posture.   In order to stop back pain, all 3 components should be taken into account.

Aside from core strengthening exercises for the muscles of the back, stretching exercises for back muscles is important in maintaining good posture.  Many of the best back stretching exercises can help with improving your mobility and establishing good postural support.

Postural support refers to one of the jobs the trunk and neck muscles do to properly support your back and torso in a way that improves your posture. In order for you to assume a good posture, your muscles need to maintain a balance of both strength and flexibility.  This balance enables you to move freely and easily during day to day activities.

Having the correct posture, and the muscle strength and flexibility needed to support it, will result in a healthy back that is less prone to injury. Creating a customized program of back exercises that improve your posture will help you maintain a healthy back and a healthy life.

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