back injury pain relief exercisesThere are no “best strengthening exercises for back pain” that would be suitable for every patient suffering with back pain.  The best program of strengthening exercises for you would be a combination of exercises that specifically addresses your current physical condition and your lifestyle.

A program of back strengthening exercises should be targeted to address the specific underlying weaknesses of the muscles that provide control and stability to the lower back.  All too often, however, lower back strengthening exercises are prescribed to facilitate reconditioning of the larger muscles of the trunk without regard to the small muscles that control the spine as we move.  

For example, some people believe that strengthening the abdominal muscles will help prevent back pain.  While these muscles contribute to the overall stability of the low back, retraining of these muscles needs to be sequenced properly if lower back pain relief is to be achieved.  

A better system of back strengthening exercise would address both strength as well as flexibility.  Flexibility refers to the muscle’s ability to lengthen and is a critically important component to to any back strengthening program.  The ability of the muscle to function across its normal length is directly proportional to the amount of force the muscle can produce.  Short, tight muscles will produce much less force resulting in far less strength production.

Back Strengthening Exercises After an Injury

Following an injury, back strengthening exercises are an important component of your recovery.    Although we strongly encourage our patients to participate in a back strengthening program as part of their rehabilitation, we want to stress the importance of consulting with your doctor or therapist before you start any back strengthening exercises. An experienced health care provider can help you devise a back strengthening exercise routine that best suits your condition and goals.

While there are still many questions in the medical community regarding the best way to treat an injured back, what we know for absolute certain is that inactivity is the wrong approach to take following an injury.  Bed rest after a back injury could actually make things worse after a day or two, but corrective back pain exercises and maintaining normal activity will help your back heal quicker

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