Symptoms associated with neck pain include stiffness and pain in the neck region, headaches, upper back pain, shoulder pain, and pain radiating into the arm.  Neck pain is the result of cumulative changes in the joints, ligaments, and muscles in and around the neck due to poor posture, sleeping positions, or trauma from an accident. 

Treatment for neck pain often includes specific therapeutic exercises for providing upper extremity and neck pain relief.  Exercises designed to improve mobility, strength, and flexibility are the cornerstones of any good rehabilitation program. 

In the video below, we present an exercise we often prescribe to our patients complaining of various problems associated with the neck.  Pain in the upper back and neck often leads to limited range of motion and limited function. 

The exercise we present here is used to restore mobility that is often lost or severely diminished following an injury or the good old fashioned “crick in the neck”.  The exercise is also used to treat conditions such as cervical stenosis, chronic pain in the neck, or a cervical herniated disc as these conditions often result in limited mobility. 

As described in the video, this exercise should be performed 25 times in each direction and done a couple times a day for best results. 

More Neck Pain Relief Exercises…

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