pain in upper back and neckOne of the causes of pain in the upper back and neck often involves dysfunction of the shoulder girdle complex.  Symptoms of neck and upper back pain can be the result of related shoulder conditions such as impingement syndrome (tendinitis/bursitis), rotator cuff tears, thoracic outlet syndrome, shoulder dislocation/subluxation, or adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder). 

Likewise, muscle pain in neck conditions such as cervical stenosis or a cervical herniated disc can refer pain to the shoulder.  In addition, changes in head, neck and upper back postures following a whiplash injury, pinched nerve in the neck, or neck surgery can affect the function of the shoulder and ultimately lead to shoulder pain.

The upper back and neck, together with the shoulder girdle and arm, is referred to as the upper quarter.  Because of the bony anatomy, interrelated muscles, and associated nerves, upper quarter pain can be complicated to treat.  For example, treatment for a cervical herniated disc, exercises for a stiff and painful shoulder, or treatment for muscle pain in the neck and upper back need to address the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms.  However, treatment can be a little tricky if symptoms are experienced in multiple areas and there are multiple diagnoses involved. 

Over the next several days, we will provide you with an overview of the various conditions related to the upper quarter along with specific treatment approaches for each condition.  Our goal is to help you become a more informed patient because a more informed patient heals faster.

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