Pain in the upper back and neck are symptoms that are commonly reported among patients suffering with neck pain.  Conditions that give rise to these particular symptoms include cervical stenosis, cervical disc herniation, whiplash, and degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine. 

Typical conservative treatment methods used to mitigate these symptoms might include neck traction, moist heat or cold therapy, manipulation, electrical stimulation, or massage therapy.  More aggressive treatment would include epidural injections or, when all else fails, surgery.

But, of all the treatment choices available, therapeutic exercise is, by far, the most effective treatment for neck and back pain.  In the video below, we demonstrate an exercise that addresses muscle pain in the neck. 

The muscle we are targeting is a muscle called the levator scapula.  The levator scapula runs from the corner of the shoulder blade to the upper portion of the neck.  Symptoms associated with dysfunction of the levator scapula muscle include headaches, a stiff and painful neck, upper back pain, shoulder pain, and, occasionally, arm pain. 

We advise our patients to perform this exercise at least twice a day, holding each stretch for 30 seconds. 

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