lumbar herniated disc treatmentThe causes of pain in the lower back remains, for the most part, a mystery.  One condition, traditionally thought to be a Major contributor to the onset of lower back pain, is degenerative changes in the disc.  Degenerative disc disease, disc protrusions, herniated discs all fall under the category of degenerative disc.  

A herniated disc can produce symptoms such as sciatic nerve pain, severe lower back pain, and changes in the way you move and function.  Treatment can include spinal decompression, moist heat, electrical stimulation, or massage therapy.  Therapeutic exercises, in the form of strengthening and stretching exercises for the lower back are also often prescribed.

But what do doctors do when they have lower back pain stemming from a herniated disc and how do they prefer to treat their own condition? 

In an interesting study published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, over 100 orthopaedic physicians attending the Annual Meeting of the American Orthopaedic Association meeting were asked that very question.  

Of the orthopaedic surgeons polled, only 23% of the surgeons believed that degenerative disc disease was the major cause of low back pain.

And, when asked about what form of lumbar herniated disc treatment the surgeons would pursue if they were experiencing chronic low back pain with degenerative disc changes, 61% would pursue nonoperative treatment while 31% would pursue no treatment at all.

This study demonstrates the need for patients to carefully consider their own treatment options.  After all, if doctors themselves are reluctant to pursue more aggressive treatment options, why should you, the patient, be willing to subject yourself to aggressive treatment?

Best Lumbar Herniated Disc Treatment For You

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