pinched nerve exercisesPinched nerve exercises are often prescribed for patients with sciatica symptoms or for symptoms radiating into the arm from a cervical herniated disc.

Severe pain in the lower back or neck with symptoms extending into the legs or arms can be the result of many factors including lumbar herniated disc, piriformis muscle pain, or a cervical herniated disc. In order for treatment to be effective, the source of the problem must be accurately identified and the appropriate treatment initiated.

For lumbar pinched nerve treatments to be effective, for example, the source of the problem could be a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, piriformis syndrome, or symptoms form a spondylolisthesis. Once the source of the problem has been accurately identified, treating the problem with the best treatment regimen is much simpler and the outcomes are much better.

The exercise featured in the video below is one we often prescribe for patients whose symptoms are the result of spinal stenosis. The rationale behind this exercise is to maximize the opening through which the nerve exits the spine. In conjunction with specific inflammation control measures, this exercise is very effective in managing pinched nerve pain.

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