neck pain relief: exercises for shoulder painOne of the primary neck pain relief strategies involves exercises for shoulder pain.  And the key to resolving shoulder pain is the restoration of function to the rotator cuff.

The rotator cuff is a group of 4 muscles that essentially forms a cuff around the upper arm and functions to rotate the arm.  Pain in upper back and neck regions as well as muscle pain in neck can contribute to shoulder pain.  In fact, one of the main cervical herniated disc treatment regimens involves exercises for shoulder pain and specifically the rotator cuff. 

So how do exercises for shoulder pain provide neck pain relief?  Prolonged muscle pain in neck can lead to chronic neck pain conditions.  When dealing with constant pain in neck, the upper back and shoulders begin to adapt to assumed postures in an attempt to acquire some neck pain relief.  This adaptation leads to changes in the normal mechanics of the shoulder girdle resulting in changes in the normal mechanics of the rotator cuff muscles.  Theses changes ultimately result in pain.

For fast and effective neck pain relief, a comprehensive treatment regimen needs to be implemented that addresses specific components of the problem.  Pain in neck muscles along with pain in upper back and neck should be addressed with specific stretching and strengthening exercises.  Likewise, exercises for shoulder pain should be implemented to improve function and decrease overall pain.  For specific conditions such as cervical stenosis or cervical herniated disc, treatment can incorporate spinal decompression or neck traction. 

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