Spinal decompression is used for lumbar pinched nerve pain, sciatica pain relief, or lumbar herniated disc treatment. 

In order for spinal decompression to be effective and pain in lower back area to be eliminated, specific lower back strengthening exercises and lower back stretches should be performed.

In this short video, we look at spinal decompression treatment utilizing inversion therapy.  Unlike the more expensive spinal decompression treatment, inversion therapy can be used in the comfort of your own home.  But, for treatment to be most effective, certain back injury exercises should be done prior to spinal decompression inversion therapy.

Spinal Decompression Using Inversion Therapy
Spinal decompression can be an effective means of treating lumbar pinched nerve pain or an effective lumbar herniated disc treatment.  Follow the tips for back pain relief presented in this video and you can achieve sciatica pain relief. 

Answers To Your Spinal Decompression Questions

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