tips_for_back_painTalk to most anyone and they will share their personal tips for back pain.  In fact, most medical practitioners have their own tips for back pain, many of which are therapies that will not help with back pain.

Here’s a popular tip for back pain you may have heard about that’s been recommended for decades but has side effects that may alarm you.  Before I tell you what this often prescribed tip for back pain is, here’s a list of side effects:

  • You will be unable to work
  • It will consume all of your waking hours
  • It will increase your risk of diabetes
  • It will increase your risk of cardiovascular disease
  • It will decrease your strength
  • It will weaken your bones
  • It will make you depressed

And, to top things off, it has no proven benefit yet medical practitioners continue to describe it with the misguided thought of reducing stress on the back.

So what is this back pain tip that sounds so promising?  Why, of course, it’s bed rest.  

For the past 20 years, bed rest has been cited as having virtually no therapeutic benefits for back pain relief.  And, as you can see from the side effects, it may be one of the worse tips for back pain out there.  But, unfortunately, it continues to be a commonly prescribed treatment for back pain.

When considering tips for back pain relief, consider those therapies where the cure isn’t worse than the disease.  

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