neck pain reliefIn this article, we outline 3 reasons for chronic pain in neck.  Although there are many potential reasons for the development of chronic pain in neck, the following reasons are what we typically see in the clinic:

Muscle Pain in Neck

Cervical Stenosis

Cervical herniated Disc

Pain in neck muscles can arise from many different factors including strains and sprains along with stress and overuse activities.  Typically muscle pain in the neck is the result of a combination of both muscle weakness and muscle tightness.  neck muscle weakness tends to be related to the muscles on the front side of the neck while neck muscle tightness tends to involve the muscles on the back of the neck.

Cervical Stenosis

Cervical stenosis is a condition that describes narrowing of the canal through which the nerves exit the neck and rund down the arm.  This narrowing can result in irritation of the nerve leading to numbness and tingling sensations in the shoulder and arm.  In addition nerve irritation from cervical stenosis can lead to headaches as well as muscle pain in the neck.

Cervical Herniated Disc

Although degenerative disc disease is typically a natural consequence of aging, a cervical herniated disc can result in symptoms ranging from mild pain in the upper back and neck, to pain in the neck muscles, to severe pain in the neck. 

Neck Pain Relief

When considering the various reasons for what causes chronic pain in neck and the treatment options available, treatment needs to be directed towards the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms.  In order to effectively treat pain in the neck muscles, tight muscles need to be stretched and weak muscles need to be strengthened.  Cervical stenosis can be effectively treated with neck traction and stretching exercises to reduce compression in the neck.  Cervical herniated disc treatment might include spinal decompression in the form of neck traction and specific neck pain relief exercises. 

Answers to Your Chronic Pain in Neck Questions

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