cervical_herniated_disc_treatmentCervical herniated disc treatment begins with a thorough understanding of the patent’s history, findings from diagnostic imaging, and an understanding of the presenting signs and symptoms from the clinical examination.  Pain in the upper back and neck along with radiating pain into the arm are classic symptoms associated with a herniated disc.  Clinical signs might include limited range of motion, diminished strength, and diminished reflexes.

Cervical Herniated Disc Treatment

Once a definitive diagnosis has been made, cervical herniated disc treatment can be initiated.  In most cases, neck pain relief can be achieved with a combination of spinal decompression (neck traction) and stretching exercises for back and neck muscles.  Because symptoms associated with the shoulder are often involved, exercises for shoulder pain are incorporated into the cervical herniated disc treatment program.

When is Surgery Necessary for Cervical Herniated Disc Treatment?

If you’ve been diagnosed with a cervical herniated disc there is no reason for alarm.  Most degenerative conditions associated with the disc are simply the result of aging and won’t require surgery or invasive treatment.  While most conservative cervical herniated disc treatment will get rid of back pain, neck pain, and arm pain, there are certain conditions that will require more aggressive treatment.  Treatment of pinched nerve pain and dysfunction, for example, may respond favorably to epidural injections.  If the symptoms persist and there are declines in strength or changes in reflexes, surgery may be necessary.  Fortunately, surgery is a last resort and only performed about 10% of the time.

What is the best cervical herniated disc treatment for you?

The best cervical herniated disc treatment will depend on a few variables.  To better understand your particular condition, we’d like to offer you a FREE telephone consultation with one of our cervical herniated disc treatment specialists.  To arrange your neck pain relief consultation, click here =====> I Want Neck Pain Relief