what causes neck painPain in the upper back and neck, constant pain in the neck, and cervical stenosis are but a few reasons for what causes neck pain.  Here are 2 other causes of neck pain to consider.

Chronic neck pain is usually the result of wear and tear on the joints of the neck that is part of the natural aging process.  Over time, these joints and supporting structures wear out leading to chronic neck pain. 

Muscle pain in the neck is usually due to either stress or trauma.  Stressful situations at work or at home can lead to increased in muscle tension and pain.  As a result, headaches, pain in the upper back and shoulders, and general neck stiffness can occur.  Pain in the neck muscles can also be due to trauma.  Whiplash is a rapid change in the position of the head and neck brought on by an external force.  Whiplash is often associated with car wrecks and results in the muscles and ligaments of the neck being overstretched resulting in severe pain in the neck.

Neck pain relief can be achieved through a variety of methods.  Neck traction or spinal decompression of the cervical spine can be utilized in some cases to reduce pressure on the neck and relieve headaches.  Muscle pain in the neck can be alleviated with medication, physical therapy, massage therapy and gentle stretching exercises for the neck.

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