I have worked out a deal with Rehab Specialty Equipment so that you can obtain the back brace I recommend to my patients valued at over $1000 for zero out of your pocket.

Here?s how it works: Fill out and fax in the attached insurance information form to Paul Henriksen of Rehab Specialty Equipment. Paul is one of only a few equipment vendors to have national contracts with the major insurance companies, including Medicare, TriCare (military), and Blue Cross.

Once your insurance is verified, all you?ll need to do is provide Paul with a simple waist measurement and your doctor?s phone number so he can obtain the necessary medical information for filing your insurance. That?s it. You get THE top of the line back brace for not one red cent out of your pocket.

This is a super deal Paul provides to my clients because normally this particular brace would run you an out of pocket expense of about 600 bucks – a substantial discount off the suggested retail price. But, if Paul determines that your insurance will cover the brace, you pay nothing.

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