How To Lift Correctly To Protect Your Back

To protect your back, bend your knees and keep the load close to you as you lift
To protect your back, bend your knees and keep the load close to you as you lift
Learning how to lift correctly will help you protect your back. Lifting incorrectly is a major cause of serious back injuries and recurring back pain. Here are a few lifting tips that will help you avoid injuring your back.

Follow these guidelines for lifting to protect your back.

  • Stand as close to the load as possible with your feet about shoulder width apart.
  • Squat down with one foot in front of the other so that the object is between your legs.
  • Keeping your head upright, smoothly lift the object by straightening your knees.
  • DO NOT twist your trunk while lifting.
  • If the load is too heavy, get some help.

Adhering to these safe lifting principles will help you protect your back from injury and help you prevent disability that can come with chronic back pain. If you’d like more information on how to prevent or treat your neck or back pain, we invite you to contact our office.

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