One of the clinical challenges that health care practitioners face is how to treat headaches from muscle pain in the neck.

Treatment approaches such as physical therapy, chiropractic,and trigger point injections are often considered to treat cervical muscle spasms that can result in headaches.

Jon Kamp, writing for The Wall Street Journal, shares some interesting news regarding the use of Botox to treat headaches.

Botox Reduces Headache

Freezing Hollywood foreheads and catering to other people worried about face wrinkles has been a lucrative market for Botox-maker Allergan. But as the company saw during the recent economic downturn, aesthetic medicine is also a vulnerable business when people decide they can endure the frown lines in favor of saving money.

But medical uses are a whole different matter, especially if you can convince insurers to foot the bill. Enter Allergan’s attempt to gain approval for using Botox as a treatment for severe migraine headaches, which would add to list of other medical uses, such as treating crossed eyes or blinking run amok.

Allergan announced key results from the company-sponsored studies a year ago, including the fact that one missed its main goal but succeeded on another point the company said the FDA cares about most: reducing the frequency of days with headaches.

Fresh data from two studies made public Thursday at a meeting of the International Headache Society supports the idea that drug can reduce the number of days people with very frequent migraines seem to suffer headaches, and generally looked good, according to analysts.

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