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Quick Fix Program Overview

The first thing you need to do is listen to the Erase Your Back Pain Quick Fix audio overview. Simply click the play button on the audio player below to start the lesson.

Training Materials

Your Quick Fix Training Materials can be accessed by clicking on the links below. The online exercise training videos are organized for the specific condition you are watching. For the greatest benefit, perform the exercises in the order presented.

Description Handouts Training Videos
Sciatica Quick Fix Reference Manual << DOWNLOAD >> << View >>

Unadvertised Bonus Material

Below is an application for a FREE back brace that I highly recommend if you’ve been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, stenosis, sciatica or facet joint arthropathy. The brace acts like a functional decompression device and allows you to stand for longer periods of time and function better.

Get all the details by clicking the link below.

Description Handouts Training Videos
Free* Custom Unloader Back Brace << DOWNLOAD >> N/A

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