What is it?
It is a scientifically established and accepted means to measure the quantity and patterns of infrared radiation coming off the human body with a patented, FDA registered device. It is a totally safe, non-invasive, non-contact means to measure how well your body is regulating its internal environment by mapping the thermal output within two one-hundreths of a degree centigrade! This highly sensitive and specific imaging method is computerized. The camera captures the radiation coming off your body and converts it into electrical impulses that are then visualized into 16 colors. The patterns you display are compared to accepted norms and deviations are noted in the report you receive.

It is referred to as “Functional Imaging” because it shows how well your body is functioning as compared to an x-ray, or a Mammography, which look at “anatomical” structures. These tests have their benefits, but the unique benefit with DIMI is that it can reveal changes leading to potential health problems long before they threaten your health and/or it can confirm something you suspect but your doctor has no means to confirm or refute the condition exist.

Why it Works
Your body has to throw off heat just to survive! The largest organ to accomplish this is the skin. The micorcirculation in the skin is controlled by small nerves attached to the small blood vessels. Nerve transmitters (chemicals) released at the nerve ending “open and close” the blood vessel thereby letting heat escape or conserving heat toward the core. Different parts of the body have different concentrations of these nerves and corresponding vascular beds. Consequently some areas are normally hotter or colder than others when measuring the radiation output. Although invisible to the human eye the infrared imager can see where abnormal regulation is occurring. Failed neurological function has special implications to the person trained to interpret the patterns your body is expressing.

By measuring changes in your body?s radiant heat as small as 2/100th of a degree, we see ?bio-markers? or “risk indicators” that published medical research confirms can reveal tumors, toxins, and disease?months or even years earlier than traditional imaging procedures. You then have time to pursue natural, conservative treatment options.

DIMI scans can also detect changes in your microcirculation brought on by pain. Pain, which would never show up on Mammograms, X-Rays or MRIs.

DIMI is a non-invasive, non-contact scan with absolutely no risks. There are no injections or fluids to drink. Our full body or localized exams are the safest imaging procedure known.