The category IV therapeutic K-Laser is the latest and safest method to heal and stimulate cells without an injection. Many pain centers still use the Class III or Cold Laser, however, the difference between the two is the power wattage and the bandwidth of the beam. The category IV has 15 times the output of the Category III, penetrating farther into tissues through a process known as photobiomodulation.

Imagine an injection of light healing your tremor or accelerating the rate your wounded nerve heals. Well it can and it does routinely in our office. Following the comprehensive neurological evaluation of your nervous system our doctors may use a light beam to activate neuronal pools in specific areas of your brain to activate oxygen uptake essential to fuel the nerve transmission process from the brain to the body and back to the brain. When this circuit or loop is altered abruptly from trauma or gradually as the years go by, you experience changes in function that often result in pain.

Pain is not the only situation where the laser excels Brain dysfunction can be a painless experience, losing balance, losing speech or coordination developing tremors, memory changes and cognitive problems all occur without and pain. We?re here to help your brain function as well as possible, stop pain, and spare you from prescription drugs or surgery.

How does Laser Therapy work?

A laser is a light beam! With enough power behind the beam, it will penetrate your body and trigger a variety of beneficial reactions. Until now, all lasers were limited by poor power out put. Now, the K-Laser can penetrate to deep tissues including the lumbar disc, muscles, nerves, bone and collagen. When the photons in the light beam strike the cells the following responses occur:

Pain Reduction

Decreases production of bradykinins (pain producing chemicals) and it removes irritating chemicals from the area.

Decreases activity of c-fiber nociception ?small nerves that tell the brain a local problem is underway. Think about the pain a simple splinter can cause! The laser basically shuts down pain signals.

Reduces inflammation
Shrinks swollen tissues
Improves flexibility

Wound Healing

Increase of ATP-ase and activation of cAMP and enzymes. The enzymes dissolve wound debris. This is why scar tissue from surgeries responds so nicely.

Activation of white blood cells – cells that clean up debris

Increase of procollagen production in fibroblasts – the body?s building blocks. This helps herniated disc regenerate

Increase of endothelial cells and keratinocytes?you lay down new healthy tissues

Increased number of mast cells

Enhancement of SRF

Acceleration of Wound Healing Process

Changes in proton gradient over mitochondrial membranes

Increased synthesis of endorphins

Increased permeability of Ca2+, Na+, and K+

Enhancement of SOD levels