Step 1: How Is Back Pain Affecting Your Life?

Click on the box next to the statement the statement that causes you to say, “Yes, that’s me!”

You have difficulty sleeping at night and when you do manage to fall asleep, it’s only for a few minutes leaving you exhausted and irritable in the morning.

You feel a decreased sense of enjoyment in life – going to a movie, traveling, playing a round of golf, gardening – everything is such a chore that you’d just as soon do nothing than “pay the price” later.

You eat painkillers, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatory medications like candy – anything to try and stay ahead of the pain – but nothing seems to work anymore.

You have low energy and stamina, poor self-esteem, and you’ve even noticed a decrease in your libido.

You have difficulty performing the most simple tasks like getting dressed, cooking, cleaning house, going for a walk, shopping, or simply relaxing around the house.  Youcan’t even find a comfortable position to sit or stand for any length of time.

You’re constantly battling feelings of frustration and depression because you can’t enjoy your normal life.

You feel grumpy and irritable all the time – you’re convinced people are tired of hearing you complain and, truthfully, you just don’t feel very sociable.

You find it difficult to concentrate and can’t seem to accomplish anything at work.

You’ve spent a small fortune on doctor visits, medications, and even the “miracle cures” you’ve seen on late night TV, but its all been a waste of time and money.

You feel just plain defeated all the time and you’re constantly wondering, “Will this pain ever go away?”

Okay, now count up the number of check marks you made. Are you a little surprised at how much back pain is affecting your life? Most people I’ve talked to are a little shocked and tend to get a little depressed.

Now the purpose of this exercise isn’t to depress you. No, it’s to get you thinking about what you’re missing out on and to help you formulate some goals.

With any good sciatica or back pain treatment plan, understanding what you want to ultimately accomplish helps with your recovery.

Once your goals are established, we can move on to step 2…

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