Step 2: Where Are You Experiencing Symptoms?

Identify the pain pattern that best matches your particular symptoms

Before you can resolve your particular problem, it’s important you understand the pattern of your symptoms. This is important because the location of your symptoms has been shown to have some predictive factor in determining the cause of your problem.

Once you’ve identified your symptom pattern, click the audio play button below the image and listen to an explanation of what’s likely at the root of your pain.

Low Back

Buttocks / Thigh

Front Thigh

Buttocks / Legs

Buttocks / Leg

Once a good understanding of the location and likely underlying cause of your pain has been determined, an assessment of the behavior of your symptoms is performed. Examples of some of these clarifying assessment questions can be found here: Questions About Your Back Pain

At this point, you should have a good idea of how your symptoms are affecting your life, the location and likely underlying cause of your pain, and how your symptoms are behaving. Click the button below to proceed to step 3.

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