Before you can resolve your particular problem, it’s important that you get crystal clear on where your symptoms are located and how far your symptoms travel.

This is important because the location of your symptoms has been shown to have some predictive value in determining the cause of your problem.

I want you to take a close look at the images below. Do you see an image that closely resembles the pattern of your symptoms?

Once you’ve identified your symptom pattern, click the audio player button you see below the image and listen to the explanation of what’s likely at the root of your pain.

Low Back Right Front Thigh Buttocks / Legs
Right Buttocks/Thigh Right Buttocks/Leg Right Shoulder
Neck Shoulder Neck Right Upper Arm Neck Right Arm

You should now have a good idea of how your symptoms are affecting your life (Step 1) and the location and pattern of your symptoms.

Let’s turn our attention now to identifying the underlying cause of your pain. Click the button below to proceed to Step 3.

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