Step 4: Treat The Cause… NOT THE SYMPTOMS!

The fastest, easiest, and most economical way to end your back pain

Once a determination of the underlying source of the problem is identified, a customized functional spinal rehabilitation program is then prescribed. The goals of a functional spinal rehabilitation program are to decrease pain, improve mobility, increase flexibility, increase strength and endurance, and incorporate preventative measures to reduce the chances of recurrent episodes of pain.

To accomplish these goals, we recommend employing the following steps:

Step 1: Maintain Normal Activitiy

To encourage early movement and prevent the negative effects of inactivity, we recommend the use of a properly fitting back brace. The brace is used to reduce painful compression forces to the disc and spinal joints, giving you more confidence to resume your normal daily activities.  

Step 2: Patient Education

It’s no secret, a more educated patient responds to treatment better and recovers from their condition faster. To help you better take care of your back, we provide you with educational resources that provide you with pertinent and useful information about your spinal condition, how to protect your back during daily activities, and what to do if your symptoms return.  Your understanding of these issues will assist in your long term recovery.

Step 3: Corrective Exercise Prescription

By correctly sequencing the correct therapeutic exercises for your particular condition, you will achieve maximum benefit in the shortest possible time. These easy to do exercises will get you “up to speed” and out of pain quickly and without the added stress of keeping doctor or therapist appointments.

In order to continue feeling good and enjoying your life on your terms, a preventive maintenance program needs to be initiated.  In step 5, we review the necessary components of a successful maintenance program.

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