Back pain affects millions of people world wide

Health news reports have suggested for years that next to the common cold, back pain represents the number one reason why people seek medical attention.

Back pain affects millions of people world wide and it is estimated that at this very moment, 35 – 40 million people in the United States alone are experiencing a back pain episode.

Although the majority of back pain will resolve without medical intervention, there are those individuals whose personal health will be affected by chronic pain for years without very much relief.

As we’ve reported on numerous occasions, more informed and physically fit people are better able to cope with back pain and are less inclined to deteriorate as a result of back pain. This article provises you with a few tips for treating back pain.

10 Tips For Treating Back Pain

Dr. Loren Fishman, medical director of Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in New York City, and author of “Cure Back Pain with Yoga”, puts forth 10 tips he uses for treating back pain.

Twenty years of treating people whose backs ache, trying to help thousands find its cause and deal with its crippling challenges, I have developed my own set of ideas for what to do when your back hurts, when you have a pain in the butt or when nasty sensations radiate down your leg.

While some physicians think back problems are mostly psychological, I believe in a practical, diagnosis-based approach. To avoid back pain Hell and wandering from clinician to clinician, these are the rules to follow. (Read full article here)

It’s interesting to read the responses to an article like this. Over 120 people commented on this article that ran in the Huffington Post. Comments ranged from very positive to very angry. This only goes to show you how difficult it is to provide back pain relief that everyone can benefit from.

Other interesting comments included specific treatment for back pain that worked for some folks. Yoga, Alexander Technique, and accupuncture were all cited as being beneficial to treat back pain. We’ll discuss some of these treatments for back pain in future articles.

Leave a comment below to share some of your experiences on what’s worked for you to help with back pain. If we find some interesting back pain therapy that’s worked for others, we’ll put together a more comprehensive report on how to treat back pain.

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