Exercise is one of the only effective treatments for back and neck pain

According to the results of leading research studies, most treatment of back and neck pain is ineffective. Both surgical and nonsurgical treatment methods have consistently failed to have a replicable impact on back and neck pain symptoms or to affect the underlying cause of the problem.

This understanding of the evidence, however, has not been communicated to patients suffering with back and neck pain, as their expectation is for their doctor to provide a cure or fix for their problem. Unfortunately, the reality is that patients suffering with back and neck pain improve in spite of treatment not because of it.

Patients are not the only ones “in the dark” regarding effective treatment for back and neck pain. Medical practitioners, who consistently over promise in their ability to deliver a “cure” for back and neck pain, indicate that the results of research don’t correspond to the results they see in their clinics.

Surgical and Nonsurgical Treatment of Back and Neck Pain

Back pain treatment – What experts say

Dr Fabien Bitan (Spine Surgeon, Beth Isreal Medical Center) and Dr John Regan (Medical Director, Cedars Sinai Spinal Disorders institute) discuss the causes and surgical / non-surgical treatment of back pain.

The bottom line is that while there is very little compelling scientific evidence of the value of treatment of back and neck pain, patients do get better even if it isn’t clear whether the prescribed treatment had any effect on the condition. That being said, the treatment methods to have consistent positive results include exercise and short term medication use.

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