Thomas Bond, MD is a specialist in pain management and sports medicine in Lafayette, LA

Presented here is an excellent article by Thomas Bond, MD, a specialist in pain management and sports medicine in Lafayette, LA. The article deals with a specific pain management technique known as prolotherapy.

While this form of pain management technique used in the treatment for sciatica, neck pain, or back pain isn’t for everyone, it can be very effective if you meet the criteria for its use.

How Can Prolotherapy Help Resolve Your Back Pain

Proliferation Injection Therapy, also known as, “Prolotherapy”, is a technique by which a series of injections are used to stimulate the body’s natural healing of damaged tissues. Various proliferative substances are injected into ligaments, tendons, and joints to encourage repair of damaged areas. Specifically, Prolotherapy is used to:

  • Strengthen weakened and loose ligaments and other joint-support structures; and,
  • Stimulate new cartilage production within joints.

History of Prolotherapy
The earliest forms of Prolotherapy were practiced by Physicians in Germany in the late 1800’s. The German technique was brought to America and later refined by an Ohio general surgeon named George Hackett, M.D. Hackett, along with 2 osteopathic physicians – Earl Gedney & David Shuman – began using these techniques in the U.S. in the early 1930s.

They were amazed with the clinical results they were receiving and therefore began publishing there work. Dr. Hackett was published in the most prestigious medical journals of the day, including the Journal of the American Medical Association, and the American Journal of Surgery. Hackett’s principal student and disciple was a general surgeon named Gustav Hemwall, who practiced his art in Illinois. Hackett & Hemwall continued to not only practice Prololiferation Injection Therapy, but also trained other physicians how to perform these techniques.

After Dr. Hackett’s passing, Dr. Hemwall continued training younger physicians in the ways of Prolotherapy for many years. Today, the Hackett-Hemwall Foundation is a non-profit medical organization dedicated to the practice of Prolotherapy and to training interested Physicians this powerful set of techniques. Dr. Jeffrey J. Patterson, Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Wisconsin Medical School trained and worked directly with Dr. Gustav Hemwall for many years and is currently the Director for the Hackett-Hemwall Foundation.

Injury & Healing
When any of the tissues of the musculoskeletal system (or the entire body for that matter) are injured, regardless of the cause, the damaged cells release their contents into the local environment. The design of the overall system is such that if these normally intra-cellular contents are now outside the cell, the “alarms are sounded” that there is a problem in that area. (Read the full article here)

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